Artist Statement

My art is an expression of my very personal vision of the Nature’s unique beauty. Rather than imitating the look of Nature, I seek to re-create its spirit and power through an extensive use of symbolic images and painting techniques. The symbols that I employ are both universal as well as personal, subjective ones. Whether it is a tree reaching toward the heavens, a floating vessel, or even an abstract sculptural shape materializing from the background – my images convey Nature’s regenerative possibilities and its eternal capacity for change. In all of my paintings, vertical positioning and the appearance of objects in groups of three carry symbolic meaning as well and suggest a cosmic infinity and sacred geometry. The emerging and dissolving shapes in stalactite-like depths stir up complex associations in viewer’s minds, sensual, psychic and spiritual. The spiritual effect of the images is further accentuated by inner luminosity, the reflection of light arising from within the painting’s surfaces. My inspiration evolved from my exposure to dynamic and colorful landscapes in my homeland of Armenia where I spent my childhood and adolescence. A land of profound heritage and rare beauty, Armenian mountain ranges with their sparkling peaks, gorges with boisterous rivers, and the richness of color in flowers, sky and stones opened my heart in awe and filled me with fantasies of Nature’s spirit. My passion for exploring the mystery of Nature would not rest within the boundaries of the Earth but take my imagination to places where an ordinary man’s eye wouldn’t see. As a result, the subjects of my artwork range from the vast depths of the oceans to farthest outreaches of our galaxy. I believe that the expressed spirituality in my paintings can work a quiet magic on a viewer by awakening their senses to the peace within themselves and their surroundings.

Armen Hunanyan


Artist Biography

Armen Hunanyan was born on December 11, 1966 in Yerevan, Armenia. Like many young artists he discovered his passion for art and began painting at the early age of three. Armen by-passed all scholastic pre-requisites and was accepted right into the most prominent art school in all of Armenia, the National Art Institute. This is where he began his technical training, graduating in the top 5% of his class. Armen participated regularly in art exhibitions all around the world. His artwork became popular and in demand by art collectors. There are three distinctive factors in the composition of his work that mirror the uniqueness of his art. These factors consist of his expressed spirituality, the formation of his own blend of paints and colors and his unique style of painting. The spiritual symbolism conveyed through his paintings embodies life beyond our realistic imagination creating visual spiritual images from the inner depths of our planet to outer limits of our galaxy. In addition, Armen has formulated a blend of original paints by uniting several different paints in conjunction with a secret substance. The unique formation of these paints enable Armen to create his own original colors having unique textures and finish which can only be created once. Armen developed and perfected a unique style of painting. His style is unlike any artists. The images depicted in his paintings, with the use of custom tools, brushes and original paints applied in certain method, cannot be duplicated ever. Due to these three unprecedented factors, Armen’s paintings can be distinctly recognized all over the world. Each painting is an original signature piece of art. Armen Hunanyan presently lives and continues to create his art in New York City.

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